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Mose Miller

Mose Miller Leather Show Harness Miniature and Pony

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Mose Miller Round Leather Show Harness

This fantastic black leather show harness for the beginner will look gorgeous on any horse. It is equally suited for show as well as to work your horse in. Handcrafted from first quality USA leather and all buckles have stainless steel tongues.  This harness is built to last. You can choose brass or chrome hardware as well as beautiful colored patent inlays on the bridle.  The bridle is dual check with rounded leather.  Also has square blinders and box keepers.  Breast collar has sewn on tugs.  Patent on the back saddle, breast collar, blinders and caveson. 


  •  Made in the USA — Amish-handcrafted
  •  Black leather
  •  Brass or chrome hardware
  •  All buckles have stainless steel tounges
  •  Round leather driving lines
  •  Patent on breast collar, back saddle, blinders and caveson
  •  Bridle is dual check with square blinders and box keepers
  • Available in 3 sizes


Item Specifications:

Sizing (height to withers):  Mini A & B: 38" and under / Pony: 39" - 46"

Material: Leather

Color: Black

Inlay Color: Black

Hardware: Brass or Chrome

Harness Parts (measurements are approximate):

Dual check headstall (bit to bit/poll measurement: Mini A & B  27”-32” / Pony 32”-38”

Caveson: Mini A & B Noseband 12”-18” / Pony Noseband 15”-20”

Breast collar w/tugs:

Mini A,  breast collar, wither strap to wither strap 18”, Tugs, wither strap to end, 48”

Mini B,  breast collar, wither strap to wither strap 19", Tugs, wither strap to end, 58"

Pony, breast collar, wither strap to wither strap 23”, Tugs, wither strap to end, 64”

Back saddle (surcingle/girth measurement): Mini A & B  38”-48” / Pony 43”-52”

Girth w/wrap straps: Mini A  10” girth, 72” wrap straps /  Mini B/Pony 12” girth, 82” wrap straps

Crupper and strap:   Mini/Pony crupper, 6, Mini A & B strap, 23”-27” / Pony strap, 25”-30”

Driving lines: Mini A & B 10’ / Pony 12’