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Sleazy Sleepwear

Sleazy Sleepwear Mini Print Stretch Sheet

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Sleazy Sleepwear Mini Print Stretch Sheet

Mini Sheets are made of nylon or polyester spandex, are reinforced along the back to prevent overstretching, and include a fleece lined adjustable neck. They also have adjustable rear leg straps with snap hook closures.  Available in 5 sizes and 7 prints.  Size is determined by traditional blanket measurement.

Sheets can be used alone or with a hood. 
* NOTE: All Miniature Horse products made by Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses, are sewn with the seams on the outside of the garment to help keep a smooth coat. 


  • Reinforced along back to prevent overstretching.
  • Fleece-lined adjustable neck band
  • Adjustable leg straps and snap hook closures
  • 4-way stretch, premium Nylon or Polyester Spandex
  • Cut-back neck to prevent mane rubbing
  • Belly band closure uses a special, low-profile, high-strength hook-and-loop fastener, for maximum strength, reliability, and ease of use
  • Fully finished hems with encased elastic for durability
  • Made in the USA


Item Specifications:

Sizes (center of chest to center of tail):  Xsmall (24” – 28”), Small (30” – 34”), Medium (36” – 40”), Large (42” – 46”), X-Large (48” – 52”)

Colors:  Bubbles, Cosmic Camo, Jammin, Neon Splash, Patriot, Twinkle, Zap

Material:  Nylon or polyester spandex