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Pony Primer Driving Series DVD

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Smoke In Motion Pony Primer Driving Series DVD

Are you new to the driving world?  This set contains all of the Pony Primer driving dvd's.

Pony Primer Harness Up DVD

Amber Kildow, professional trainer, and judge is an excellent teacher. Her expertise has provided an educational DVD on how to properly harness your pony or miniature horse.

Amber discusses each piece of the harness and provides the correct names. She explains the purpose of the part and how to properly fit it to your small equine. She demonstrates both types of bridles – overcheck & side check and shows both French Tug and wrap strap back saddles.

Amber finishes this 71-minute DVD by showing the proper way to hitch your small equine to the cart.

Pony Primer Groundwork DVD

Amber Kildow, professional trainer, exhibitor, and judge has vast experience with training Shetland Ponies and Miniature Horses to drive. She explains the steps involved in preparing your small equine for the cart.

Amber starts with a green horse and progresses to trained horses in the round pen. She covers proper lunging techniques and basic groundwork. She continues by adding bridles, training bits and back saddles while continuing round pen work.  Amber then advances to utilizing bitting rig configurations and ground driving.

Amber finishes this 85-minute DVD with properly and safely hooking to the cart and taking the first drive.

Pony Primer Drive On DVD

Amber Kildow teaches you how to finish your driving horse in Drive On. This 80-minute, two DVD set. Amber begins with putting a hot flighty green horse into the cart for the first time. She stresses safety and communication. She shows several horses in different stages of training to show you the progression of a show horse. Remember this does not happen overnight! Proper ways to check your horse both for training and showing and determining length of training time are detailed.

Amber finishes with properly fitting a new show harness and cart to your horse.