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Mose Miller

Leather Sneaker for Mini and Pony by Mose Miller

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Mose Miller Leather Sneaker

 **Lead time may take 14-21 days**

Help For Fragile Feet”   This sneaker provides a lightweight, cushioned sole and comfortable, durable protection for the hoof.  The sole is made of a hard leather and has a non-skid texture on the bottom.  Very easy to use, it fastens like an athletic shoe for a good fit and stays on. It can be used for field trips to the school or nursing home, as a protective device while stalled or trailering, for protecting the hoof while treating wounds or surgeries, or as a spare boot for driving.  This is also great for parades to protect their hoofs from the pavement or use with a costume.  Fits left or right hoof.   
       ·         Made in the USA with first quality black leather
       ·         Amish handcrafted
       ·         Hard sole with non-skid texture on bottom
       ·         Lightweight and durable protection for the hoof
       ·         Very easy to use
       ·         Great for parades, nursing homes and schools
       ·         Can be used for driving boot
       ·         Great to use while treating wounds or surgeries
       ·         Sold individually
      ·         Rinses clean and dries quickly

    Item Specifications:
    Sizing (approximate): Mini A: 2 - 2½"W x 3"L, Mini B: 2½" - 3"W x 3½"L, Pony: 3 - 3½"W x 4"L
    Color: Black
    Material: Leather