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Mose Miller

Leather Open Headstall for Minis & Ponies by Mose Miller

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Mose Miller Open Headstall for Minis & Ponies

 **Lead time may take 14-21 days**

This leather open bridle with detachable overcheck is ideal to use when you begin driving training. Start them in the stall, standing quietly with the headstall on, then move on to use outside lunging and ground driving.


  •  No blinders
  •  Made in the USA — Amish-handcrafted
  •  Black Leather 
  •  Chrome hardware

Item Specifications:

Sizing (based on height at withers): 

Mini: under 38":  Bridle (bit to bit/poll measurement)  27”-32”

Pony: 39" - 46":  Bridle (bit to bit/poll measurement)  32”-38”

Color: Black 

Material: Leather 

Hardware: Chrome