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Mose Miller

Leather Training Surcingle for Minis & Ponies

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Mose Miller Training Surcingle for Minis & Ponies

 **Lead time may take 14-21 days**

 This training surcingle has multiple rings on the saddle and comes complete with girth, crupper, and strap.  Made in the USA by the Amish. This is a great way to start out the new/young horses before fully attaching the complete harness.
       ·         Made in the USA – Amish handcrafted
       ·         Includes three sets of rings for ground driving
       ·         Can be attached to a check bridle
       ·         First-quality black leather
       ·         Chrome Hardware
       ·         Lighter weight than a back saddle
       ·         Comes with crupper and strap
       ·         Lots of adjustment

Item Specifications:
Sizing (approximate): Mini: 38" and under / Pony: 39" - 46"
Color:  Black
Material:  Leather
Hardware:  Chrome
Harness Parts:
       ·         Back saddle (surcingle/girth measurement):  Mini  38”-48” / Pony 43”-52”
       ·         Crupper and strap: Mini/Pony crupper, 6”,  Mini strap, 23”-27” / Pony strap, 25”-30”